Pizarra Económica is a Marketing and Communications, Institutional Relations and Investment Opportunities firm founded in 2011.

We aims to provide a global service and at all levels in the field of representation, public affairs, strategic consulting, intelligence, communications and public relations in a 2.0 global world.

The company is also focused in the planning, organization and management of courses and training events for professionals and students, both in person and remotely (e-learning), and recruitment and networking sessions for the interconnection between professionals and businesses, associations, universities, business schools, embassies and other representative stakeholders.

Pizarra Econmica’s professionals have extensive network of trusted contacts, ranging from major national Media to political representatives at the local, regional and national levels, and, also, key opinion leaders for each of our customers.

The crisis has opened an interesting time to be proactive in communication skills and in new business areas, because it’s easier to achieve more profits than in other periods of time.

Discover why we say the truth when we ensure that we only win when our clients reach their objectives. Our incomes are in a close relation with your sucess. This is our main philosophy.

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