Working Areas

Our working areas cover the most segments in the Spanish economy. This is possible to achieve thanks to the agenda of partners specialists and experts in each field, and who have extensive experience in resolving successful cases for different companies. We underline as examples these ones:

  • Telecommunications
  • Internet and New Technologies
  • Health
  • Listed Companies
  • Multinationals and new business segments
  • Electricity Sector
  • Industry
  • Financing and Investment Funds
  • Repositioning after key processes (mergers, acquisitions, new shareholders …)
  • Business Intelligence and new business opportunities
  • Crisis, ERE, closures, seeking alliances, strategic rethinking …
  • Public Affairs
  • Investment Funds
  • Organization of Events
  • Launches and repositioning
  • Business Intelligence
  • Management of crisis, Redundancy Schemes, closures…

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