In Pizarra Economica we believe that the only way to help our clients is by providing realistic solutions on a suitable length of time, showing them we can successfully achieve their objectives into their strategic planning. Therefore, we sincerely guarantee to achieve all the item we promise, offering them in a complete way our experience and prestige.

Our main areas of work are:

  • Lobbying and Institutional Relations. Sectorial and individualized. We are the gateway to institutions and public authorities. We manage meetings with relevant stakeholders, improving the social perception of sectors and companies, positioning in the key place inside the power structures and the various makers.
  • Communication and Marketing. We successfully manage the brand image and Media presence, improving visibility, creating corporate reputation, creating public opinion leadership… We work entirely in 2.0 environments, with a  privileged access to new target groups.
  • Strategic Consulting. We position your company in a new dimension of business. We help you to achieve your goals and deadlines for doing so. We offer key meetings, confidential reports and Intelligence, give you the contact to potential partners and investors, we offer interesting investment opportunities in key sectors for your business. Discover what we can do for your company’s evolution.
  • Organization and management of courses and training events for active workers and entrepreneurs, recruitment of talent in universities and business schools, promotion of co-working and networking.

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